Not another "hello, world"

This is IBSurgeon's company blog.

Actually, we have our CEO's blog already in place, but it contains more personal information. And here we intend to provide our news and stories about recoveries and optimization tasks we do.

Looks boring? Only at first look. One of the very first recoveries happened in old good 2002: we have recovered InterBase database for Russian Hematology Center, where patients' blood tests results were stored. The reason of corruption was abnormal power termination.

Our urgent recovery service (during half a day) helped doctors to provide patients with necessary medications in time and, may be, even saved someone's life and health.
Looks like a good scenario for next House M.D. episode, isn't it?

Other stories may be not so pathetic, but can contain a lot of real-life scenarios which should be leaned as never-do-it-yourself lesson and can be an interesting reading for Firebird SQL professionals.

So please join us as readers and we will do our best to do not disappoint you. See you soon.

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