IBDeveloper and amusing nostaligic InterBase magazine from 1997 and 1998

As you know, IBSurgeon was a publisher of "The InterBase and Firebird Developer Magazine" (or shortly IBDeveloper) in 2005 and 2006. There were 4 issues which attracted a lot of interest (up to 20000 of readers) but at that time there was no way to monetize it, so IBSurgeon decided to close the magazine as a redundant line of business.

Now we've put all issues of IBDeveloper to Scribd for easy reading and full text search indexing. You know, there are still "all times greatest hits" articles and materials (like one regarding locking in Firebird by Ann W. Harrison in Issue 2).

Moreover, we decided to put the full version of issue 4, which was not released to public before this time. So if you did not read full 4th issue or others, you have a chance now:

  • Issue 1 featured article regarding SAVEPOINTS internals, by Vlad Khorsun, Firebird Core developer
  • Issue 2 featured article regarding locking by Ann W. Harrison, A Legend
  • Issue 3 a lot of cool materials and TPC-R based test InterBase vs Firebird (InterBase lost :))
  • Issue 4, full version TPC-C based tests InterBase vs Firebird vs Yaffil

But the interesting fact that it was not the first magazine devoted to InterBase.
In 1997-1998 InterBase Software Corporation published several issues of InterCom magazine. 13 years ago! But still very cool, especially for those who remember those times:

InterCom v01n03, 1997                                                                                                                            
InterCom v01n01 - old magazine devoted to InterBase, 1997

May be Firebird needs the third attempt to create the lucky magazine (since 3 is the lucky number) which will not gone in 2 years like InterCom and IBDeveloper did?
Go Firebird!

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