Firebird Conference 2011: Luxembourg, November 25-26

The Firebird Project invites all Firebird users and developers to participate in the Firebird Conference 2011, hich will take place in Luxembourg, November 25-26, 2011.

IBSurgeon is a sponsor of Firebird Conference 2011, and we recommend all our customers to go there.

The Firebird Conference 2011 will be devoted to a variety of important topics: Firebird SQL language improvements, performance, optimization, database protection and recovery, and many others.

A number of presentations will be done by the Firebird Core team, which will ensure access to information at the best technical levels. The Firebird Conference 2011 will be a place to improve your Firebird development skills and give a chance to ask questions directly to Firebird Core team.

Firebird Core Team will be represented by Dmitry Yemanov, Vlad Khorsun, Alex Peshkoff, Philippe Makowski, etc. There are also will be speakers from IBSurgeon and other Firebird-related companies.

More information: www.firebirdsql.org/en/firebird-conference-2011/

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