The 1st Firebird Conference in Ukraine

At April 23, 2010, the first Firebird Conference in Ukraine took place. There were 90 people live and (average) 40 people online at this conference.
This is the first conference from the series of 10 events devoted to the 10th anniversary, it was organized by Grossbe (Ukrainian vendor of Firebird-based open-source ERP).

 IBSurgeon was the sponsor of this conference, our CEO Dmitry Kuzmenko has presented MindTheBird! to the audience and also spoke about protection against database corruptions and overall approach for the right maintenance of important Firebird databases using general techniques and new version of IBSurgeon's Firebird DataGuard product.

Firebird Core Developers Dmitry Yemanov, Vlad Khorsun and Alex Peshkoff presented the new features of Firebird, deep dive presentations devoted to the SQL enhancements, security improvements and other hot topics.
Definitely it was a great success for Firebird which confirmed the strong position of this true open source DBMS in Ukraine. We are sure that next year we'll meet again with Ukrainian Firebird developers and continue our success evolution with Firebird.

Below you can see several pictures from the Firebird Conference in Ukraine.

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