FBScanner 2.6

We are proud to announce the new version of FBScanner, our tool to solve all types of performance problems with Firebird.

Slowdowns, disconnects and networks errors, transactions' issues and ineffective SQLs - FBScanner can help developer or IT Pro to find the reasons and solve these problems.

New version of FBScanner introduces significant increasing of SQLs processing, new logging approach to database with one-click log creation, real time configuration (restart of not required).

Now it also has full support of Firebird 2.5 (including SuperClassic architecture).

For administrators FBScanner 2.6 offers additional security options:

  • ability to restrict number of connections
  • white and black lists of databases
  • white and black lists of IPs.
Please download demo version of FBScanner 2.6 or read detailed description and see presentation of FBScanner features.

Here is short presentation regarding main FBScanner features and usage scenarios:

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